Let’s TRVL!

Breaking In With Las Vegas Venue

Regal beginnings was my impression of the delightful Las Vegas experience.  The views of Tahiti Village Resort cast a cozy feel and a decorative style maze.  Getting the most out of the Las Vegas, Tahiti Village Resort for me will need a revisit.  Taking this trip had major up’s and down’s when traveling with family of women and my first time on vacation or a trip to Las Vegas.  The amazing plane experience I had at this age left me geeked but I would prefer first class seating as all would because what is known as coach/economy class is not pleasant for trips, let along for very long hours of travel.  My First Trip Experience to break the ice in travel was a rewarding challenge to grow from so here’s some views of this captured time of mine.  Shalom Loves!

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 The Family Of Women Adventure, Strong Minded Sagittarius.  The Combo Can Be Exausting….Much Love!

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Hopeful About More Life Experiences, Shalom!