Prevention of Stretching after the Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Regardless of what size gastric sleeve created, there will be some stretching at some point over time, a reset can help kick things off on the right track if you need it.

Overtime weight gain can happen to a patient that had the gastric sleeve surgery.  Planning a healthy lifestyle and start an exercise regimen can prevent gain.

The goal of having surgery is to get the alteration of gut hormones itself and continue a healthy eating habit with a regular exercise routine, you will keep losing weight and keep it off.

From studies exercise has been shown to increase the release of a hormone known as irisin which can help potentiate the metabolic effects of the gastric sleeve surgery. Gastric Sleeve Surgery is ultimately only a tool to help you lose weight. It is your responsibility to make the lifestyle changes to help keep the weight.  Excluding the fundus of the stomach delays gastric emptying and some other anorexigenic effects this associated to the lifestyle changes causes surgery to be so effective in treating obesity.

Prevent Stretching (Remember)

  1. Limit volume not sweets, reward yourself once a week (Limited Size),
  2. Do not drink when you eat, drink liquids 1 or 2 hours before meals or 1 or 2 hours after.
  3. Don’t make larger meals a habit.
  4. Eat small amounts of healthy snacks in between meals, if you somehow feel hungry.
  5. Get a good gastric sleeve recipe book
  6. Do not get discouraged by binge eating
  7. Ask others for help, try a bariatric social group or a nutritionist.


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