Working Towards Goal

This journey after the sleeve has been a long haul.  I am not at my goal weight but have lost 54 lbs now and at a stall for a while.  I am now working on a track of figuring out what foods that contribute to my stall to eliminate them, also planning on changing to a  Pescatarian lifestyle.  I am doing what is called a reboot of following the food plan after the gastric sleeve surgery to get back on track, which is not for most to do but can be a solution when going through a stall.  Once I boost my metabolism, I will continue out with Intermittent Fasting which is inspired by  The Hodgetwins and my long-time desire to strength train. Working this lifestyle change has been a challenge and will continue to be when you face the facts that a change is needed to live a healthier lifestyle.

    Before                        54 lbs Weight Loss & Continuing On For 100 lbs Goal

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