Stalled In Weight Loss After Surgery

While losing weight after the gastric sleeve surgery, you start to see a different view of you, the pounds coming off and your face slimming.  You see the results of portion control and a healthier eating habit-forming.  After a drop in weight, you will see how the metabolism seems to regulate and prevent ongoing weight lose which can be called a stall or plateau after surgery.  This will cause some stress at first, thinking you have some how failed at this or the surgery might not have been successful. Really, the metabolism needs to adjust to your new set of habits and lower weight.

At this point there are a few reason weight loss has stalled or hit a plateau.  It’s possible the number on the scale hasn’t budged because you’ve put on more muscle or you may have started to take in too many carbs or sugars and not enough protein, so it’s very helpful to follow the nutritionist plan for you, if you had one throughout the bariatrics center process.  If not then try to locate one, from my experience to see a nutritionist it cost $30 for 30 minutes the first visit and $15 for 15 minutes any additional visit after. I saw the nutritionist once a month for seven months before my surgery, I learned so much from these visits and it inspired me to seek the study nutrition.

It can be helpful to try taking measurements of your body, this can tell you if your still on the right track during the stall because your muscle mass can be building up.  Keep track of all foods eaten and calories taken in.  The gastric sleeve is a slower pace weight loss experience compared to the bypass surgery so it can take up to 0-2 years to reach your goal. Bariatrics family, from my research it is said to go back to phase ll, full liquid diet to reboot the process  after surgery all the way back to regular food and this could be the way for you to reach your goal after a stall.  I pray for all my fellow bariatrics group friends to reach your goals and may you find all the happiness your hearts can handle.  Be Blessed!


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