A Life After Gastric Sleeve


Making the choice to get gastric sleeve surgery (Sleeve Gastrectomy) was a final resort for me with the Metabolic Surgery and Bariatric Care center.  I was on the verge of having high blood pressure, at pre-diabetic status, sleep apnea, stage 3 liver fibrosis (Fatty Liver ) and left ankle inflammation.  Since 2010 to present, I have been through health issues that took a long process for me to get past, with three surgeries combined and a tone of hospital visits, weight loss clinic visits, and what became the most important too me was the nutritionist.  I learned so much from my nutritionist.

This has not been an easy fix, but can save the lives of most who pursue this journey with the lord all things are possible and I am grateful that I had the insurance to cover this whole year long process before surgery at the Metabolic Surgery and Bariatric Care center with Loyola Medicine.  I went through more test in one year then I’ve had in years to get my complete health assessment, I am very happy with this process.  I went to a live bariatric support group at my bariatric care center which is held once a month and enjoyed learning about other’s experiences face to face, also joined online groups to keep the focus and get information on different food ideas.

It will still take a lot to get to good place with my health, food and staying active with exercise.  This experience will require you deciding to care more about yourself then you have before.  I realized I’ve lost myself along time ago, the stress, life changes, struggles and feeling like I had no support is what I allowed to aid in this building of an unhealthy road.

I am still working towards my goal and is now incorporating strength training using my total body gym, treadmill, bike and free weights to tone and tightening my body.  I love the total body gym, it allows me to do so much with my body which will be good for my metabolism.


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